Playback on bottom clef

• Aug 14, 2009 - 00:19

I am trying to compose a Cello Duet but when ever I do play back it only plays the top line. I don't know if it is because I have to bass clefs in my score. I have downloaded 2 cello soundfonts but I still can't get it to play the lower clef.


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No. It was doing it when I had the default piano. I have looked all over the web and am having trouble locating a General Midi in the .pf2 file format. the ones I have are .sfArk ... And when I set one as the default it tells me loading font failed. Now I can't find the default piano sf2 to get any sound...

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No Sound. Thank you for the info on unzipping the sfark. Now it will load the soundfonts but now I can't get any sound on playback. I exit out of Musescore after each load under preferences and then I go back into Musescore but when I hit playback I have no sound whatsoever... Ughhhh.

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