Tempo not reflected in .wav export

• Aug 14, 2009 - 22:25

I've read a previous support post which states that tempo (but not volume) is reflected in the .wav export but this is not so. I've added tempo text (Con Brio) but the .wav file is slower. I'm using 0.9.5

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When I press play in MuseScore the tempo is the same as when I play the exported .wav file.

(Tested using 0.9.5, Windows XP)

Just to be sure, when you quit MuseScore and reopen "Preacher Back.mscz" is it still playing at the tempo you expected?

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You are right. But now I'm really confused. I had the play panel speed set to 210 bpm (about right for this peice) and I read that it was necessary to set the speed in a tempo text to affect the WAV output. So I went to insert a tempo and "con brio" sounded right and the bpm was 120 (which my mind confused with 210 and thought was the same speed). When I created the wav it was slightly slower than I wanted. It was not 120 bpm but more like 180-190. How could that be? Anyway, I now have the wav at the right speed by setting both tempo and play panel to the speed I want.

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