First and Second Endings

• Dec 9, 2013 - 22:50

I've been working with Musescore, writing out "My Favorite Things", following my sheet music book. When playing back through the first ending and into the second, playback skips the first measure of the first ending, plays the second measure, then plays the two measure second ending before proceeding through the rest of the music. Any idea why? The bar above the measures for the first ending is three sided, as in the sheet music, and the second ending two sided, also as in the sheet music. Thanks for any feedback.


I think you have the first Volta (the one with three sides - two ends and a long, horizontal bit) assigned to one measure but you have lengthened it leftwards to make it cover two or more measures visually. I think your two-sided bar is a Volta with an end piece (left) and a longer, horizontal line (top). So, those are my ideas, but - please post the score!

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