Extend length of line after a word

• Aug 1, 2017 - 20:20

Is there a way to extend the length of a line after a word, to make it reach the end of the bar?
If it was a melisma, covering a number of notes it would be fine. But I can't make the line continue to the end of the bar, to reflect the length of the single dotted minim.

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A trick:
- Enter "Peo-ple___________" as ordinary text.
- Select this text, and in Inspector: change Staff Text Style for "Lyrics Odd lines"
- After a few editing for spacing/length, you get:

- Also: enter for quarter notes in another voice (then invisible, and untick "Play), and enter lyrics in this voice.

Is there a reason you want to do this, though? It isn't standard, and would likely just confuse people accustomed to standard notation. I guess maybe you are trying to indicate that "ple" really should be held out three beats even though the syllable itself wouldn't normally be? I'm still not sure it's a good idea, but I can see why you might want to try that.

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