List of Parameters

• Dec 16, 2013 - 20:43

I am finding that to get precisely the notation that I'm after, that I need to customize a number of settings. While that may be a personal reflection on me (humor intended), if another percussionist asked me 'how did you solve...', I've changed so many things that I might not be able to tell them accurately.

A parameters dump, even to a text file, that I could have MuseScore output to even a .txt file could either be posted or forwarded that might list all the possible settings or even be imported to auto-change the settings.

While forwarding someone my saved template would do the same thing, it doesn't tell them HOW I got to where I am with my template. Having an option to reset all parameters to default, and having that exported list identify everything (bold?) that deviates from the current default might come in handy among a community of users that publish in similar fashion.


You can save your style settings, separat fromm scores and templates. And if you save the styles from a blank score created after a factory reset, you have a reference and fallback.

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