Drum voicing 0.9.5 Ubunty Jaunty 64

• Aug 15, 2009 - 12:32

I have never worked out how to add percussion in 0.9.4
So I resorted to the online manual...

firstly... I don't think its intuitive enough although I accept that once you know how it is easy !
a tool tip perhaps to inform the user to open the drum notation list in the panel after the note entry function is selected ?

secondly... any drum notation I am entering is using the piano sound. how do I fix that ?... Soundfont used is the default, not changed anything to do with midi from default install.


BTW.... 0.9.5 is much quicker working with the larger score I am half way through... a much appreciated boost in usability... Save to Wav rocks !!! save to midi finally works with Ubuntu.


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Fluid does not work for drum sounds.

I tried Ntonyx .... not as fluid sounding as fluid and still no percussive sounds.

I will send you the score if you send me a email contact.


Some technical inside: 0.9.5 is now build on QT 4.5.2 and apparently, this introduces a huge performance boost. So great to know it works better for larger scores.

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