Bars per stave

• Dec 23, 2013 - 03:17

I had a score all worked out and just opened it up now and things have changed. :(

I am using a nightly from about a month ago.

If I go into Style/General/System and select 'fixed number measures/system = 6'
and choose Apply, nothing happens!

4 kind of works, but a few bars insist on being 2 bars per system.

Any ideas how to get 6 per system?



The fixed number of measures per system option will not force *more* measure per system than will fit given your current settings. If you aren't getting as many measures per system as you would like, you will need to reduce stretch (select range, press "{"), reduce the music spacing factor (Style / Edit General Style / Measure), or perhaps change the overall staff size or page size (Layout / Page Settings).

BTW, I don't recommend using the fixed number of measures option. It's too inflexible, and sometimes leads to strange artifacts. A better way to get the number of measures per system you want is to add system breaks, either manually or using the Break Every X Measures Plugin. Not sure if that's working for the nightly builds or not, though.

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Thanks Marc.
I figured out what happened.
Today I loaded the same song with version 1.2 and it formatted properly!
So there was a bit of conflict with the nightly build and 1.2

I had put in line breaks with 1.2 to get 6 bars per line.
The nightly ignored this for a bunch of lines and put in one bar per line for them!

All's well again.

Ok, but if you're saying the nightly is doing somethiing wrong, you should definitely post the score and report the problem. Otherwise no one will be able to fix it...

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