Nightly formatting glitch?

• Dec 24, 2013 - 01:32

As recommended by Marc I am reporting about and attaching a file that is not behaving as it should in a nightly build (rev. 2b0cd5c).

In Ver. 1.2 the score loads and displays properly. Six bars per stave and the entire score on one page.

In the nightly, several lines are changed to one bar per stave, and as a consequence the score needs two pages to display.

I don't see the attachment displayed here on the forum, but I have gone through the attachment process.
I don't understand what's happening.


It's advised to upgrade to MuseScore 1.3 and store your score using that version. That will add more information in the file for MuseScore 2.0 to render your score the way you set it into 1.x. If this is not the case, please don't hesitate to comment and attach your mscz file.

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The only "problem" I see is the difference in stretch between 1.x and 2.0. Most scores I've tried show this problem, esp if you've adjusted measure stretch in your scores. If you select the 6 measures spanning two lines and press Ctrl-{, the lines selected will reduce to 1 line again. No, import into 2.0 isn't perfect yet.

As for the upgrading the version to 1.3, it seems Thomas doesn't know that the MSCZ file version has been the same through 1.x, and even some of the previous pre 1.0 releases (at 1.14 I believe), so upgrading will do nothing for rendering issues in 2.0. It _might_ help for files made in very old MS versions (i.e. <.0.9.6).

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Thanks schepers.
The main thing for me I guess, is working consistently with one version.
If V. 2 will allow me to format the way I did with 1.2 or 1.3 then all will be well.

The reason this whole thing came up was not because I wanted to test out the nightly and see how it fared with v. 1.2.

I had created the file with 1.2 a month or so ago.
Then a week or so after I started using a nightly build.

I just happened to open the nightly today and happened to open the file I created with v. 1.2.
That's when I noticed something wasn't right and I started comparing the two versions.

If v. 2. can create the file the same way as v 1.2 then I won't have any problems, because I'll be using v.2 all the time.

Regarding the attachment, a common mistake is to forget to actually press the Attach button after going through the process of selecting the file. Done that myself many times.

Regarding the formatting, it's not that MsueScoire is deliberately putting only one bar one some systems. Setting a line break doesn't tell MuseScore it *must* try to fit everything up to that pont one line; it simply says "you must break here". Apparently a couple lines of your score were just on the edge of fitting 6 bars on one line in 1.X, but the layout algorithm changed just enough that it couldn't quite fit six bars, so it only fit one - and then the line break after the sixth forced that bar to end up all by itself. Easy to fix - just select all, reduce stretch ("{").

Unfortunately, at this point it seems likely this sort of thing will occasionally be necessary. While most things end up working, some things end up being slightly tighter in 2.0 (meaning you can fit more measures per line) and some end up being slightly looser (meaning you can't quite fit as many measures).

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Thanks Marc.

I discovered what the problem was with the attachment.
It wasn't an "attach" button, but another button (different name) that I wasn't clicking on.
It was in no way obvious that you had to click on it!

I used the 'Select all' and then reduce stretch "{" method and it worked.
Thanks for that! I've made a note about it.

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