Musescore crashease loading XML file

• Dec 29, 2013 - 01:35

I also use ScoreCleaner to record songs. I exported an .XML file from ScoreCleaner. Every time I try to open the .XML file with Musescore, it crashes. I've attached the file to see if there's something wrong with it or if Musescore just can't open this type of file. Thanks.

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I can't say if there is anything wrong with the file or not, but I can confirm it crashes MuseScore 1.3. I tried it in a development build of 2.0 and it loads OK there. Well, it doesn't crash anyhow. It's not pretty, but I assume that's the nature of this file - it looks and sounds like something that might have been created in a sequencer rather than a notation program. Assuming there is no reason to think this should display readably, I'd say whatever bug caused 1.3 to crash is fixed.

I tried to make sense of the original XML file but it looks full of incompatibilities such as backup commands going beyond the beginning of the measure, time signature and clef being repeated, voices up to number 10 etc. Is it the case that MuseScore prior to 2.0 crashes because of these whilst some other programs just ignore them?

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The main issue with this file is that it contains 22 voices in a single part. As far as I know, all score editors can handle only a limited number of voices in a part (typically four). MuseScore keeps only four voices and ignores the others. You cannot choose which voices are imported and which are ignored. If possible, setup the exporting program to export all voices in separate parts.

With respect to the crash when importing in MuseScore 1.3, this should not happen, but maintenance on the 1.x series has stopped, so this crash will not be fixed.

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