Prereleases crash when some 2.0 scores are loaded

• Dec 29, 2013 - 09:32

Since MuseScoreNightly-2013-12-28-1111-b83bb62 compilation, prerelease crash when I try to load some scores.
Pleease find attached a sample.
Bon courage.

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There is no compatibility between nightlies, so crashes are normal. It's stated everywhere that you shouldn't use nightlies for anything serious... You can try to open the file in a working nightly and export/import to MusicXML. Still, please, don't use nightlies for anything serious!

It's also better to use the Technology preview forum for discussion about nightlies

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Gonville was a font that was added to MsueScore early in the development process but was recently removed. So no surprise that scores using Gonville won't work. Of course, you might hope for an error message instead of a crash, but this is a good example of a change that breaks the ability of a newer build from opening files created in an older one. Great care is being taken to make sure scores created in an actual released version of MuseScore (eg, 1.3) can still open correctly, but Gonville was never offered in any released version. So a dialog to give an error message when opening a score that uses Gonville is a dialog that no "normal" user would ever see - only users trying to open scores created in older 2.0 builds. And there has been a conscious choice not to expend unnecessary effort on the goal of better supporting scores created in older 2.0 builds.

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Thanks again for wasting your time to bring some light to a newbie.
You know, I'm completely new to MuseScore, and I'm then far more familiar with '2.0' nightlies than 1.3, which bring, according to me, tremendous enhancements comparing to 1.3.
So, stubborn as I am, I will keep on working with nightlies, conscious of the looming danger.
I can swear I will never complain I if 'lose' some work.;)

By the way, in this typical situation, is it useful for you that I post something somewhere ? (Before your explanations, for me it was a crash, didn't know 'a priori' where it comes from)

Then again,
Bon courage and bravo for all the work done.

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The nightlies make it easy to install multiple versions, so I'd suggest just keeping every version you install and use - but maybe not installing every single one.

FWIW, as long as someone understands the risks and is willing to help isolate and report issues found to help improve the product, I for one am happy to see people trying to use these builds. It helps if you're technically-minded enough to be good at that sort of thing. I've probably used almost every single feature at least a little in my testing and reported the issues I've found along the way, but I've hit some areas of the program harder than others. Someone else might be likely to stress other areas of the program.

The best practice if you fond something you believe might be an issue is to post in the Technology preview forum with sample scores and/or exact steps to reproduce from scratch. Assuming others confirm it is a real issue, then you should use the Issue Tracker (see menu at right) to report the bug "for real".

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