forum login vanished

• Jan 2, 2014 - 20:54


When trying today to connect to the forum for posting (about fatal error on android player start, because today's latest release does not fix it), it seems that my account was not recognized. It was impossible either to login or to send new password : the username was unknown.
I found the last of the few posts I have done, and I saw that the username was correctly associated, I could click on the link to see my previous posts. Activity history seems correct.

I tried to create agin the account, using same username, email & password (I hope this can solve the fatal error with the android player), and this succeed without any problem.
New posts seems associated with the previous account (I will check again with this one...)

Is there someone (admin) that can :
- check what happened
- check the integrity of the both account and merge them if necessary.



the login mechanism changed a couple months ago, now there is only one login to and, maybe this was causing your problem?

I'm the admin of the MuseScore sites and it appears that everything is ok with your account. They look to be nicely linked to eachother.

In case of any android question, contact us via support at musescore dot com.

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Well, it looks like there is still a little problem :
the dashboard -> my activity tab is empty, and so it's not easy to find my posts.

Is this normal ? Did I something wrong ?

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