Concert Pitch Crash

• Jan 13, 2014 - 14:09

Having a recurring issue with the newest version of the program. Hoping someone can help? Have looked into the forum and seen several posts on this, but could not find a fix.

Have a Mac with osx 10.9.1. Downloaded the musescore program (1.3 latest version for Mac) and began having issues with the concert pitch button crashing the program, no matter what the score, amount of instruments, or key changes. In the beginning, if I clicked on the left hand tool bar to open a tool before doing the concert pitch button, all was well. However, this is not working anymore.

Yesterday I downloaded the newest version of the musescore program. Opened a file in the new program, and everything worked ok for over an hour. Then, the same issue began happening again.

Thank you!


Two questions

1. By newest version, do you mean a nightly build? (Nightly build issues are usually discussed in the forum 'Technology Preview')

2. If everything works ok for over an hour, what is it that you specifically do when the problem surfaces? It's best to attach a score, with instructions as to how to replicate the issue.


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Thanks for the response. I don't know much about this program, so please forgive my ignorance.

1. I went to the site and downloaded what seemed to be the most current version. The last version I had was from December 2013. They seem to be the same thing? Not a nightly build so far as i know.

2. This is what is stumping me. The problem seems to show up with no apparent regularity. Last evening, I opened an old file (3wks) with 4 measures total. Voice, trumpet, t. sax, guitar, bass, drums. It would crash when I pushed the concert pitch button, with no added notation. So, after searching the forum, thought perhaps there was a bug in my "older" version. Downloaded the "newest" version. Opened the file in the "newest" version and everything worked fine. Added many measures (50+) and toggled between concert/non concert with no issue. Finished saving a section, and then it began the crash issue again. No key changes in the piece, and mostly copy/paste of new material.

This am I went in to work on the song some more, and it would not allow me to toggle between concert/non concert. Finished adding my other material working in concert pitch (again mostly copy/paste) and saved each time a new part was added (crashes dissolve the work). It would crash every time I tried to change.

I just completely closed the program and reopened. Went into other saved files and tried the concert pitch button. Changed just fine. Opened the problem file, and now it seems to change just fine as well.

Thanks again for the help.

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I've never encountered a crash on pressing Concert Pitch with 1.3 on Windows, but there are a number of crashes that have been reported when running 1.3 on Mavericks that cannot be duplicated on other systems. So it could be this is one of those cases. In at least some of these, people got better results reverting MuseScore to 1.2.

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Just reopened the program again, and now it is crashing again. No additions to any file, and it will not let me use the concert pitch button without crashing!

Will try to find the 1.2 and see if it works better.

This is a wonderful tool. Please don't think I'm ungrateful. Just want to get this fixed...

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I see a few possible scenarios here:

1) The problem goes away when you revert to 1.2. If so, I think that's going to be the workaround unless/until Apple fixes whatever broke or someone manages to figure out how to work around whatever change they made (I"m guessing it might turn out to be something within the Qt libraries).

2) The problem remains when you revert to 1.2. If so, I'm going to guess the problem is something unique to your particular score or something unusual you are doing. In which case, posting the score would be helpful so people can figure out what might be triggering the problem and help you avoid / workaround it. Because it's very unlikely there will be any patches for the 1.X series at this point.

If the problem does remain when you revert to 1.2, then we'd also want to ascertain if it still exists in the development builds for 2.0. So again, seeing the actual score and steps to reproduce would be useful. If the problem does not exist in 2.0, then I think you'll just have to continue working around the problem until 2.0 comes out. If the problem *does* still exist in 2.0, then we'll want to submit an issue to the tracker so the bug can be fixed.

Have been working with 1.2 for about 2 wks. with no crash issues related to concert pitch. Very grateful!

However, a crash issue is developing in another area. When I attempt to create parts in a recent composition, the program will crash just as the concert pitch issue in 1.3. Similar score configuration to all other pieces. This has never happened before. Have tried to restart computer/program, close and reopen, all to no avail.

Have not changed anything on the computer in general, no updates or anything else. Any thoughts? Thank you.

Thank you for the response.

Went in and double checked the score. 1,2 endings are only on top line. Deleted them and tried to do the parts again, and...still crashed.

Cannot use 1.3 for most things as my Mac performs the "concert pitch crash button" issue (see prev. posts). However, I kept a copy and was able to open the file and create parts in 1.3. Will try to do edits and such here?

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Posting the score you are having trouble with is always helpful - makes it much easier for us to see what is going on. There are other things other than voltas that should only be attached to the top staff - tempo and DS/DC/Coda/Fine. Maybe some of those also caused crashes if attached elsewhere - I can't remember.

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I am also having the problem reported by Guitarjet on Mac OSX Mavericks and Musescore 1.3. I am trying to do a saxophone quartet arrangement. I set up the score with the 4 instruments, pick a key and then click concert pitch so I can start arranging and it crashes out. Tried restarting the machine, restarting with a new document in case old one corrupted, adding some notes to see if this makes a difference. Also tried answering yes and no to 'restore previous session' when I reopen Musescore. No change, still crashes as soon as I press concert pitch, which means I can't arrange unless I go back to Musescore 1.2 (seems to be working for Guitarjet). I have attached the score and a copy of the Apple crash report in case it helps.


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While I see the last post on this issue was in July, I am experiencing the same problem right now. I have created many scores in Musescore 1.3 in Windows 7, and have just loaded Musescore 1.3 on my new iMac with Yosemite. For my full orchestral scores, each time I try to change to concert pitch, it crashes. If there is no way of resolving this, perhaps I should revert to the old Windows machine? Apart from this one issue, Musescore has been magnificent and a delight to use.

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