Loss of musescore.mss style in scores

• Jan 14, 2014 - 18:17

I have several scores that were originated with the full big band template, which sets the master style to musejazz. After completely entering the charts, and pulling parts, etc., suddenly the musescore style is no longer active in the scores - this caused lots of things to move around like staff text, chordnames, etc. When I try to reload the musescore style. it can't be found on my system except buried in the mac app container.

I just upgraded to Mountain Lion - could that be what happened ? How can I repair the damage and configure musescore to operate in this environment. Running MuseScore 1.3 on a MacBook Pro, OS 10.8.5.

One of the affected scores is attached.


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I'm pretty sure "buried in the mac app container" is exactly where it's supposed to be on MacOS.

I'm not at my computer right now so I can't open your score to see what you mean, but I'd be more concerned with why your text moved around. The musejazz.mss file is not actually used by your score once you load it, so you could delete musejazz.mss (not that you'd want to) and it shold affect your score one bit. If things moved, it is for some other reason. When in doubt. select things that are in the wrong place and hit Ctrl+R to reset them to their default positions. Then, if you actually *did* intend to manually position some of them, you can reapply your manual positioning. But try not to rely on manual positioning much except for small adjustments (like a few millimeters). For instance, adding a chord over one measure then dragging it to appear over another measure won't work if your layout changes such that the measures are no longer on the same system, etc.

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Thanks for the reply. What appears to have happened is that my local instance of MuseScore 1.3 was reset to default conditions through no act of mine. Somehow this propagated to several scores which were previously OK and in the correct configuration. I thought that the contents of a MuseScore file would override the app defaults, but this appears to not be the case here. I had done numerous small tweaks to the positions of articulations, staff text, and dynamics, and these all appear to be reset to default. All fonts are set to Times Roman, which is my Mac's default font. When I try to reload the musejazz.mss style sheet, it is not available anywhere on my system except hidden in the Mac app container, but MuseScore doesn't know how to look inside the container. So, I have to make a copy of the .mss file stored outside the app to point MuseScore toward... Also, when I try to use the chord chart plugin, it asks for a font style file, but again, MuseScore can't find any until I copy one from the Mac app container. Even then, the chord chart looks strange...

I did recently upgrade my computer from Mac OS 10.7.5 to 10.8.4. Could this be part of the problem?

Thanks again...

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In theory, an OS upgrade wouldn't cause problems, although MuseScore is known to have issues with Mavericks (which I think is 10.9?).

Looking at your file on my Windows system, I see all the fonts have indeed been reset to Times, but there is no way an OS upgrade could cause that in itself. I mean, an OS upgrade doesn't go around fiddling with your own score files. So you must have loaded the file, then something happened to change the fonts, and then you must have saved it and locked in those changes. That is, this can't be the same file that was opening fine before. But the damage is done. Loading the MSS file will partially fix this - at least the text styles will be right. But the existing text unfortunately won't change. For chord symbols, as soon as you save and reload the file, they will be updated. But not the instrument names or other text. If you want to change them back to MuseJazz, the best thing would probably be to do a "save as" and give a file type of MSCX, then loaded the file into text editor and do a global search/replace to change Times Roman to MuseJazz.

I have no idea what could have caused this. Explicitly loading a different MSS file would, I guess, change all the text styles. But it wouldn't have affected existing text aside from chord symbols.

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