Ties across first/second endings

• Aug 8, 2017 - 12:42

How do I enter a tie that goes across a first/second ending? Can't find any details in the handbook.

In the example attached (voice 1), the "E" in bar 2 is tied to the "E" in bar 3 for the first time through.
But for the second time through, the "E" in bar 2 needs to be tied to the "E" in bar 4 But I can't work out how to do that.

In the original music I'm copying, the "E" in bar 4 is shown with the end of the tie, there's nothing coming from bar 2.

Using 2.1.0 871c8ce on Win7

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For clarity...

@Ewart North
Your attachment (Example Ties.mscz 11.91 KB) employs slurs, not ties. To check, click on the "E" in bar 3 and press the up (or down) arrow several times.

Then do the same for cadiz1 attachment: 1Example Ties-1.mscz

See the difference? Cadiz1 actually ties the "E", as you requested.


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hanks for your response. Yes, I know this used slurs not ties but the principle is the same. My error was to start with the second "E", the destination note so to speak and didn't think about he first note.
Not explained that very well but I know what I meant.
Thanks again for your input.

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