Change insrtument and Staff Type, on the middle of the piece?

• Aug 10, 2017 - 18:31

Hey there.
I am trying to write a single percussion part, with many instrument changes on it. It starts with a tambourine (single line staff) and later switches to a xylophone (5 line staff). How can I achieve this?
Thank you.


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If you check out the nightly builds for the "master" branch (what will eventually become MuseScore 3.0), you will see there is a new "Staff Change" element on the Text palette. You can palce that anywhere in a score and then change a variety of staff settings via the Inspector. This should allow you to change from a 5-line staff to a 1-line staff. Currently, it doesn't allow changing from pitched to unpitched, but presumably that would be possibly to add before release (which is still a long ways off).

When the staff type changes, you will need to use a different instrument. If the staff type stays the same, you can use mid staff instrument changes as Shoichi suggested. Once the score is complete, use the Style->General.... menu and hide empty staves. When you hide the empty staves, a page with all of these instruments will appear to be on the same line of music. If the change occurs in the middle of a system, you will need to insert a horizontal frame before the first empty measure you want hidden. In the inspector you can set the width to 0. This will put both types of staves on the same line.

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