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• Jan 22, 2014 - 21:31

I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to this so would anyone be able to give a step by step instructions or tell me its not possible to convert a piece of music from bass cleff into bass TAB?

Any help is much appreciaed


Tablature is not supported in the current version of MuseScore. It will be in the next. And the process will be simple: if you have a piece of music in standard notation, you simply change the staff type to tablature, and MuseScore will automatically render it as tab as best as it can (taking each note on the highest string that can play the note, although you'll then be able to override the string assignment).

As Marc stated above, work is underway on a MuseScore version which supports several new features, one of which is TAB (for all kinds of stringed instruments). This newer version (2.0) is not yet released as stable. It is still undergoing testing/bug fixing, but it is available as a nightly build.

Read about 'Nightly versions' on the download page here:

You can use MuseScore 1.3 for all your important work and to enter standard bass clef notation. Then open a 1.3 score in a nightly build (aka MuseScore 2.0) where you can try out the TAB feature. Discussions and bug reports concerning nightlies are mostly held in the 'Technology Preview' forum:

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