• Jan 23, 2014 - 23:37

Hi, Have finished a score, making parts, pressed wrong save button, saved the whole thing as a viola part! Any chance of recovery?? Thanks


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Still vague. More info is always better to actually get help.

If you saved the viola after exporting it as a part, there should be no problem.

Anyway, look for a file with the original name that starts with a "." (dot) followed by .mscz and a "," (comma). This is a backup file. Change it's name and change the file extension to the regular mscz file by removing the comma. It should be there.

Good luck.

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Are you sure it actually replaced the original? By defualt, the viola part would have been saved to a file simply called "viola"a nd your original score would be untouched. However, when you presss Save, it brings up a file dialog to let you choose what folder to save to. And if in the process of working that dialog, you clicked the original score, then it would indeed overwrite the original score, after first asking for confirmation that you really wanted to overwrite the existing file.

If this is what happened, and you haven't done anything since, the automatic backup file mentioned above should bail you out. Otherwise, I hope you made other backups...

I made the same misteak! I'm using Windows 7, and Musecore 1.3. I was able to rename and delete the "." before the name but not able to delete the "," after the extension. The file type is shown as MSCZ, File (.mscz,)

The file will not upload to the forum, either.


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