Different part name for specific pages and number of staves?

• Aug 13, 2017 - 20:59

It is not unusual for a score to remain inconsistent with its part-names and organisation, as it is commonly employed to facilitate instrument changes or dense divisi textures. To replicate it in MuseScore is unsightly as it is difficult and laborious; the manifold variations of page formatting give rise to numerous hidden instruments which serve meretriciously for that purpose, and the limitations of the 'Bar Properties' of the MuseScore software, one has to select each individual bar perforce and, from an index, which the composer or engraver must memorise their positions, hide them from view. I attempted this, but the results are only satisfactory:


(Here the bars joining splitting the tutti should only appear immediately before the clef and not during the commencement of the bar)

I have searched the forums and handbook, but none yielded more comfortable solutions (I cannot even find a discussion of the foregoing).

Is there an alternative?

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It's always easier to help if you attach the actual score, not just a picture. For now, if you want the empty bars hidden, doing so from bar properties is the way to go. Not sure what you mean about memorizing their position, though - you can access bar properties directly from the bar you wish to hide. Also the arrow buttons allow navigation from bar to bar within the dialog. You can also mark barlines invisible as for other elements - by selecting them and pressing "V" or using the Inspector. The initial barline for the system behaves differently, though.

For 3.0 there will be a "cutaway" feature that handles all this automatically. A new staff property will allow empty measures to automatically be made invisible for any given staff.

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