lack of drum entry

• Aug 19, 2017 - 14:13

What's good e-mail address for me to send that PDF file of "J's Blues?"


Best is, as I said, to attach it here. But again, not the PDF - that's not useful. We need to see the actual score and precise steps to reproduce the problem you are seeing. My guess is the staff has not drumset associated with it - perhaps because it was imported from a MusicXML source that did not provide one, perhaps because you turned it off in the Mixer, perhaps because the instrument was not originally set up as a drumset in the first place.

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Yes, there is no drumset associated with this staff - you can see that by going to the Mixer. Also, the score appears to have been created with a very old version of MuseScore (1.3), and it also appears like way back when the file was created, it may have been started by importing imported from MusicXML, and apparently the original file did not supply a drumset mapping. Either that or someone removed it later. In any case, you'll have to create your own, or just add a regular drumset staff and copy and paste the contents. Probably will need further editing to correct the original pitches to conform with the default drumset mapping in MuseScore. There's a reasonable chance that just selecting all on that staff and hitting Up then Down would do the trick.

Instruments in staff properties worked by adding five line percussion! Thank you! You're right, Marc, it is an old score from Musescore 1.3

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