Default Directory is ignored. Used to work but, no longer

• Feb 11, 2014 - 20:22

When I first acquired MuseScore I set up a default directory. Then, each time I logged on, the default directory for all of my scores was displayed without any prompting. Lately, I notice the default directory (still keyed into the Preferences) gets ignored. Another document directory comes up and I have to relocate my Scores directory and select it. MuseScore has lost the default. How can I fix this? Thanks!


In reply to by Shoichi

Successfully followed your instructions but no luck. Score is where it should be but my MuseScore default directory is "Documents" instead of the path I set up in MuseScore preferences. I can reset it but it used to default to the correct directory. -- I'm afraid to try some variation on reinstallation because I don't want to further corrupt anything or lose my scores. Maybe I will become bolder and try it anyway.

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