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• Aug 22, 2017 - 23:22

How do I change a half slash head to a quarter slash head?


It's not clear for me what you exactly mean. So maybe attache your score and describe your aim.
Normally it should be able to change the note(slash) duration via toolbar or shortcut "5" to a quarter (by selecting the half note/slash before without being in the note input).

Best way would normally be to change the note from a half note to a quarter note. Or, if you want to keep the duration as a half note for whatever reason, use the Inspector to change the "Head type" from Auto to Quarter.

The top row, far right, of the Note Pallet contains a half slash note, having replaced a quarter slash note. I'd like the quarter note back.

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The note heads in the palette automatically adjust to the note length. As I said, if you apply the slash notehead to a half note, you get the half note version of the head, but if you apply it to a quarter note, you get the quarter note. It's all automatic, which is the default setting in the Inspector is "Auto". Only if you are deliberately trying to lie about the durations of notes - creating a half note with a quarter not head - would you need to use the Inspector as I suggested.

If your goal in doing any of this has anything to do with standard slash notation, you shouldn't be messing with any of this. Don't look at the palette or the Inspector, just go to Edit / Tools and use one fo the slash notation options. It will work much better than trying to fake it manually.

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