Mandolin sound in mixer

• Feb 12, 2014 - 21:44

Not sure if this is a bug or not, this is more for my own information.
While adding a mandolin peice to a score, I noticed in the mixer, the mandolin part has "steel string guitar" listed as the sound.
A mandolin sound is listed in the drop down menu, but when I select this sound, save and close the score, on re-opening the score, the mandolin has reverted to the "steel string guitar' sound.

Creating test scores with mandolin do the same.

I have not noticed any other instruments reverting to their default sound after saving and re-opening files.

This of course does not impact on the written score, although there is a minor sound difference on playback.
As I said, this is only for my own information and understanding of Musescore.

Soundfont being used - FluidR3 GM2-2.SF2.
Musescore 1.3
Windows XP.


Yes, I noticed recently as well.

Instruments.xml was improved for the forthcoming 2.0 release, but I still see that Mandolin is not selected.

I'm having the same problem,and when I switch the instrument on mixer to another instrument and to mandolin again like 2 or 3 times it fixes and sounds like a mandolin, but if I try to save it on audio format the mandolin save as a steel string guitar. Does anyone have idea of how I can save the audio with the mandolin sound? Thanks

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The mandolin sound in the Fluid soundfont is in a GS bank (16)

This is probably the cause of the trouble, as currently MuseScore only works with GM, which does not have bank switching.

In actual fact as I said further up this thread, the sample is the same, it just has a a different value in the envelope release parameter.

I assume you are using the Fluid soundfont here?

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yes, I'm using FluidR3 GM2-2.SF2. When I switch the instrument on mixer 2 or 3 times it works and sounds as a mandolin,so I assume that the mandolin sound exist somewhere right? What should I do to fix it? English is not my native languange, sorry for any mistake :)

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Which MuseScore version are you on?

MuseScore 2 beta supports multiple soundfonts in use at the same time.

If you're on 1.3 then you're stuck because if you add a non GM soundfont it nerfs all the rest of the instruments.

Incidentally 1.3 maps the mandolin sound to Nylon Guitar so this maybe why it sounds different.

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