Extra note (b, 2 octaves up) in _only_ "A" chords

• Feb 13, 2014 - 10:29

I am a brand new user, just downloaded today. I love the program, I have never scored anything before, and the program has made it exceptionally easy.

That said, I have a situation where I created an A chord as it would be played on a guitar, cut and pasted it throughout my score, and now it seems to have a "b" (second interval) in it. The note is not shown, but I can clearly hear it playing. I thought perhaps it was an overtone, but it is too clear. I re-created the chord, and no matter what I do, that second interval is there. I have consulted the forums and users manual, and I apologize if this is a ridiculously simple thing to fix. Again, new user.

I am using V. 1.3 Rev. 5702.

I have attached the score.

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If you go to Mixer and enable SOLO on the guitar, I don't hear anything unusual. Maybe you're hearing some unusual mixing between the other instruments?

I, too, don't hear anything unusual.
Do you hear the 'b' note during the first few measures (before the lyrics start) and everywhere else the 'A' chord is played?
If so, maybe change the guitar sound from 'Nylon Guitar' to 'Steel Guitar' in the Mixer (F10) to see if it makes a difference.

Also, you can try saving your score as midi using: File / Save As / Save as type / .mid
Then, if you still hear that 'b', post the midi file so we can hear for ourselves. I saved your score as midi and it sounds the same as when I play it in MuseScore - I hear no 'b' note in the 'A' chord.
Even importing that created midi file back into MuseScore shows no 'b' in the 'A' chord.

At first I was quite sceptical but I can hear that B. When you delete notes in turn from the chords you find that it is the top E that seems to also contain the B a couple of octaves above. A similar, but less intense, effect is noted a semi-tone higher and lower than E.

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Which chord are we talking about? The very first one? Also, which soundfont - could be an artifact of the sample. Also, what OS? Could be a fluidsynth issue that affects one system but not another.

All I know is, on my Windows 7 system using the default soundfont TimGM6mb, there is no B sounding that I can hear on that first "A" chord, or any of the other "A" chords I spot checked. I don't hear it with the FluidR3 or GeneralUser GS soundfonts, either. I'm listening through a decent (but inexpensive) set of closed-ear headphones. But I have no trouble believing that with anything at all different on someone else's system, there might be a phantom note audible.

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... might make a difference. I am listening over a set of 2.1 computer speakers, using TimGM6mb soundfont.
Perhaps it could be a perceptual anomaly, a 'psychoacoustic impression':

BTW, A person can have lots of fun with this kind of stuff.
Anyone owning a slide whistle and soprano recorder (or flute) should try this:
Play a steady note on the recorder. Have someone play a low-to-high or high-to-low gliss on the slide whistle. You will hear a 'phantom' gliss in addition to the one being played.
Other neat stuff:


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Sounds like an overtone created when playing an open (unfretted) guitar string - most likely part of the guitar sample.
Following underquark's observation, I deleted the bass line along with some notes in the guitar chord to keep the E note. Then I wrote in a 'b' on the vocal line to actually hear the note.
See my attachment. (I use the default TimGM6mb soundfont.)
The same result occurred using nylon or steel string guitar. Also, I lowered and raised the E a semitone (along with the 'b') with the same effect.
The volume on the vocal track can be adjusted if you can't hear the notated 'b'; but it's definitely noticeable on the guitar part - especially on the E notes that are held longer than a quarter note.
Overall though, I think it doesn't cause a 'bad' playback. The score still sounds good.

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Not just related to guitar and it's present in different soundfonts. You can hear it on cello, bass guitar, bagpipes even (try the bottom F# with the TIm soundfont). Whatever the cause, since harmonics/overtones are naturally-occuring then anyone who reads this and goes looking (listening) for them will be forever plagued by hearing them more readily in the future.

I'm using xubuntu 12.04, MS 1.2 but the ears are original (and, given their vintage, surprisingly still hearing those top notes).

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It happened when I deleted and re-entered it too...but it is not happening with A+ chords on my other scores.

Since I am not worried about the sound file/playback, and am only using the scores themselves, I wont worry about it.

Thanks for all the exploratory stuff though guys.

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