Opening files, extra notes for some verses, changing one system without changing all.

• Feb 13, 2014 - 19:36

Everytime I open a file when just starting Musescore it always opens up My Documents or Desktop, can't remember at the moment, but I would like it to remember where I keep my songs & always bring that file up first. More convenient. Tuxguitar does that.
Also, what about notes in parenthesis? You may have a second verse with one more syllable than the first & you want to notate that without changing the length of the note for the first verse, & also this would be the note you could put that extra syllable lyric underneath.
What I 'm working on now has some high guitar parts, and several instruments that will never breach the staff parameters. I would like to be able to increase the distance between my 2 guitar staves so I can add those higher notes, without all the staves underneath changing because I won't need that extra space for them.
I hope I have been clear enough. Sorry if this has already been covered. I did peruse several pages of this forum befoe I posted.
I can't wait for Musescore 2.0!!


Set the folder that contains your songs as your working directory:
Use menu item: Edit / Preferences / General tab - then enter the path (or browse for your song folder) into 'Working directory'.

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I don't understand. How do you expect MuseScore to know where you keep your scores if you don't tell it? Once you tell it, it remembers this forever and will always start off there. But if you want to keep your scores somewhere other than My Documents, you'll need to tell it where you keep them, and the above option - which you set once and never touch again - is how you do it.

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firefox remembers what my favorite websites are & Tuxguitar knows where I put my song files for that without telling it everytime, it just goes to where I saved the first one. It remembers that. Microsoft remembers where the last place I moved a file to was...etc.

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You seem to be misunderstanding. If you keep your Tuxguitar files somewhere other than where it defaulted to, you still had to tell Tuxguitar where you wanted them *the first time you went to load or save a file*. After that, it may indeed keep remembering the last used folder forever, but it didn't read your mind to figure out where you wanted the files - you had to tell it, once, the very first time.

it's the same way with MuseScore. It can't read your mind any more than Tuxguitar can, so you have to tell it *once* where you keep your files, and it remembers it forever. it's just that instead of remembering the last used folder, it remembers the folder you set in Edit / Preferences. Go there, then either type the folder name for "Working directory" or press the button and navigate to the folder you want. Do this once and MuseScore remembers it forever - just like Tuxguitar and others programs.

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Are you using OS X Mavericks? This has been a problem since that upgrade. A number of people have reported it and a few have fixed it in various ways, but nothing has worked for me. The MuseScore configuration seems to be ignored. It is probably an OS X problem, but on the Apple forums their support say they cannot replicate it.


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If you want a note to appear without stealing time from other notes in the measure, then yes, Voices *is* what you want. You enter a second voice, with rests before and after the note you want to appear, then hide whichever of those those rests you think someone reading the score won't need to see.

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I can't tell what you mean. What note, what measure? But even from the picture, it's obvious the staff spacer didn't affect just the one measure - it affected the whole system, just as we have been saying. You can see the last measure and half of one system, and both of those measure are clearly affected by the spacer, or else that seocnd to last measure would be higher than the last measure of the system. So again, the whole system was affected, not just one measure.

It appears maybe you want *all* systems affected. In which case, you need to add spacers to all systems. In 2.0, it will be possible to add space between two staves for all systems by simply dragging. But for now, you need a spacer on each system.

I think that cssc wants to create extra space between the first and second staves (the electric guitars) throughout the score but leave the space between he otrhers at default. I have done this in the past by inserting a dummy instrument (such as a tambourine) and then rendering all of its elements as invisible but this is a bit of clunky workaround.

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