Update: Heureka, I can loop!!! It was the N - key ^^

• Feb 14, 2014 - 21:54

Somehow theres a blue line (like if I type in a note) and it seems to be stacking with its starting point at a particular note in one of the voices... I can push space and it starts playing and press space and it stops and again start playbacking, and it starts at the same point :) over and over again

The thing I was ever looking for!! How did I? I didn´t know what I did I only can reconsider that I missed the space bar with my right thumb and must have hitted a key ( or a combo? ) around there.

I dont want to loose this thing ^^ ...

can someone tell me how I can force this happening?

I dont have the normal "loop" function shown in some tutorials. I use version 1.3

can I somehow evoce this event at my own will?

thanks for the quick and reliable help in this brillant forum


Blue line = note entry, to notate pitches (musical notes)
Space bar = starts/stops playback
0= rest, or silence (whatever the selected note duration is)
'Loop' function on playback is not currently available in MuseScore 1.3 but is an upcoming feature in the next release.
Sei gut...

over an item and wait a little you will see the label of the function and, when available, the keyboard shortcut.
Perhaps there is a small discrepancy between the "note input mode" button and the N key I do not think it will disappear.
Maybe it can be useful, if you have not already seen, this beautiful work:
talk about it here:

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