Measures went out of bounds......

• Feb 18, 2014 - 18:15

Everything was going fine until I copy/ pasted the drum section. MARC- Yes I will post the score IF you tell me how to delete it again. The three pages before this only have 2 measures each. It looks like this one is trying to have three. I checked & I DONT' have a set number of measures per line. I don't know why it suddenly started doing that. messy measures.jpg

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I don't know a way to delete an example once posted. Please, trust that people are not sitting around reading forums trying to steal your work, and even if someone wanted to, your score is *already* fully protected by law. Delete everythning but the part that demonstrates the problem if this gives you more peace of mind.

Generally, the sort of thing you are seeing comes from setting crazy low / negative stretch values in an effort to fit more measures on a line than can fit given your current scaling and music spacing settings.

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I got it right now. I went into edit general stlye/ measures & upped space between notes one pt & something else 1 pt. Then it was OK. It must have been the triplets on that page that messed it up. I jsut didn't want it to go back to 1 measure per page like it did before. That was extremely inefficient.

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