Three questions

• Aug 27, 2017 - 00:51
  1. I'm having trouble using the half-note slash head located in the Note Head Pallett I've high-lighted a half-note rest in the guitar line, clicked note-entry, to no avail, tried dragging the slash note into the score without success. What am I doing wrong.
  2. Would like to insert a quarter note slash head into an empty space in the pallett. How do I do that?
  3. I enrolled in Musescore about three or four years ago in the 1.3 program. Any advantage in me going through the enrollment process again for Musescore 2.0?


Note heads from the palettes are used to change the note heads of existing notes not to add new notes.

As I explained in a previous reply, you probably don't want to be messing with the notehead palette at all. If your goal is simply to create standard slash notation, use the built in facility for that - Edit / Tools / Fill With Slashes to enter stemless flashes to fill a measure, and Edit / Tools / Toggle Rhythmic Slash Notation to convert a passage already notated with a specific rhythms to slash versions of those rhythms.

If by "enrolled in MuseScore" you mean, signed up for an account here on or on the score sharing site, then no, there is no need to do anything new.

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