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• Aug 27, 2017 - 22:10

Hello. Everyone has it's own habits to use keyboard and mouse. And for keyboard shortcuts there is settings in (almost) every application, but as for mouse - it's impossible to change the way we interact with application.

I want to navigate thru document with mouse wheel (not the navigation bar, but in working area), it's so comfortable to drag page up and down, left and right by pressing middle button anywhere and drag it in other applications, it looks so natural to me. I don't like using left button for that, because I feel myself as on minefield, carefully place mouse in empty space (and when page is full of notes, texts, brackets, slurs and so on, it's not so easy to find empty space).

I understand, that some might like to do something else with the mouse, or leave it as it was, so, please, add ability to choose, what mouse buttons and wheel do (in editing and standard mode)


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What? Maybe I wasn't clear, maybe my english to weak, but... Shift and arrow keys selecting something, and I want different thing. I want to scroll thru my document up and down, left and right by pressing the wheel and dragging mouse Now this action is done by pressing left button, which is dangerous. I don't know other way how to do it in Musescore (especially with one finger).

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What? Maybe I wasn't clear, maybe you didn't understand my reply.
I did not speak about clicking anywhere, nor do I want to diminish your request: I support it even.

It seems like you think the only way to navigate the score with the mouse is to click and drag; I was merely telling you it is not.
When you use the scroll wheel from the mouse (not to click it, but to scroll it), the score will move up and down. If you then hold the Shift key and scroll the wheel, the score will move left and right. No clicking involved at all.

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No, it's my fault, sorry, I misunderstood you.

Navigating with wheel not perfect to. It goes only in vertical or horizontal direction, for fixed distance with every turn. I might live with it, but... Every time I should think, should I do it with or without shift (and most of time I scroll horisontaly,so, where is that shift?), and this new "natural scroll" in Windows... No, still, even with left mousebutton it feels better. And if I could choose between left and middle button...

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