Hierarchy for instrument and channel change in Mixer

• Feb 27, 2014 - 21:19

I think that when instrument or channel change is utilised, the entry for it in Mixer should move inward:

Hierarchy for instrument and channel change in Mixer.png

For this example, I have a score with three instruments (Voice, Electric Guitar and Keyboard Synthesizer). I added an instrument change to Electric Guitar and changed the sound of the new entry to Jazz Guitar.

I think it would make it easier to track, especially if there are many instruments the same, or a change occurs frequently.

What do others think?


and it might be also help to show a line on the mixer dials where the default lies so that one can see in what direction any changes have been made.

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IMO the "dials" on the mixer are examples of a bad UI.

They give absolutely no feedback about the values you are entering, which means they cannot be set accurately.

Spinboxes with a displayed value of 0 to 127 would be much better, perhaps with the option of entering a value from the keyboard.

OTOH many commercial sequencers use sliders with a numerical output at the top. I must confess I'm not keen on them either :)

I'm not sure about the Mixer dial (maybe you can show a picture?), but lines are a good idea to support the architecture of the Mixer. I'm also wondering whether there should be a better indicator of what entry is normal, channel and instrument.

Refining the idea further: Should channel changes be presented different to instrument changes?

Instrument and channel changes.png

In this example:

Electric guitar with instrument change to another electric guitar, but with a different sound.
Violin with the usual channel change, but there is an instrument change to viola.

There is a hierarchy: Original instrument/instrument change, then its potential channels.

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