How do you slowly fade out the end of song? Tried using p, pp, ppp but didn't work

• Feb 28, 2014 - 17:07

I want to fade out the end of a song slowly. I tried highlighting the staffs and set p , hightlight the next consecutive set and set pp and so on but it didn't really work. My midi file does fade out at the end but i want that to also work in a mscz format. also does musicxml support that?



There is a pretty cool trick to fading out a song, if you want to take the time to edit the uncompressed MSCX file. If anyone is interested, please post here. This is a very old thread.

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Right you are. The "n" option on dynamics.

Also have a script that decrements them for the last x measures desired. It simply adds the below the subtag of the tag, and divides the current velocity by the # of remaining measuress


(Had to substitute brackets for the lt/gt signs.)
It's a wee bit faster than a lot of pointing and clicking, then changing the text.

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