Document protection

• Mar 1, 2014 - 20:19

Was wondering if it's possible to add some sort of option for document protection. Maybe not like a hard protection so that no one else can change the file (though could be an option), but I mean from inadvert changes. It is so easy to displace a note when I drag the page sometimes. You can enable a soft level of protection so that you can enable it after you are done working and it would ask you the first time you make a change and then disable the protection until maybe you enable it again.


Isn't that what "undo" is?

Or maybe you mean "protection" in the gangster sense - like, "you give me $100 a week, and I'll make sure nothing unfortunate happens to your files" -)

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Yes and no. Undo is done to something that happened. You might not notice that you accidentally move a note while, say, panning. If you have a soft protection that can be enabled or disabled that's better. I guess i will just have to pay more attention when I move the mouse cursor :)

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OK, make 'P' for Pan suppress object editing and allow grabbing to move the score around. You could have this behaviour set as default with the option in Preferences of turning it off for those who don't need or want this protection.

Potentially useful to suppress note-entry by clicking in two other scenarios
Whilst using a touchscreen for note input (especially if fat fingers).
When copying from an image of sheet music to MuseScore (often I click on the image to move it or zoom it then click back on MuseSocre and enter a note in error).

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