Repeat to fade?

• Mar 2, 2014 - 23:54

Just as I though I kinda got coda and volta learned, I come across something which doesn't play nice So I finish transcribing With or Without you in D major key. But how the piece ends as transcripted doesn't make sense. Also at the end as in the last measure, those end notes supposed to tie into notes at beginning of the repeat and I have no idea how or if i can do it.

Also at the end, the description says repeat to fade. Repeat what/how many measure, etc? doesn't make sense. Much appreciated if someone can help. Thanks.


No set number of repeats. If you were performing live you'd maybe just play it a couple of times, getting quieter, then stop at an agreed, suitable point. If you were recording it you'd play it a few times then you'd fade it out post-production depending upon how it sounded, how long you wanted the track to last, whether it was for a video etc.

For ties across repeats see:

The instruction 'Repeat to fade' in measure 62 means to go back to measure 49 and fade out.
There's no indication of the exact number of measures to play.
Have a listen to the attachment where I simply added 6 measures with a fade out using dynamics.
Also, there's also a 'Crescendo or Diminuendo' plugin that could be used if you wish to hear the fade out upon playback.

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I see. So it doesn't mean keep playing from 49-62 since the way you have it is only from 49-54.

I have a question about the ties across repeat solution in the other thread. If you make the invisible note velocity to 0 like the note isn't there, then how are you going to be able to get the correct summation of duration?

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