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• Mar 3, 2014 - 06:26


I'm new here and I don't know if someone has already asked this question but, ...

How can I regroup a few notes in a way that the reader (player) will play the notes with a different accent?

Example: I have a 6/8 measure with two groups of three 8th notes. How can I put it into three groups of two 8th notes without changing the time signature?

Thank you so much!!



In reply to by Jm6stringer sees to explain how to group beams one by one. But when I'm entering a particular score in 6/8 time, I would like all measures to default to 3-3 grouping of quarter notes, not 2-2-2.
Is there a better way to set this preference. One would think that you'd be able to set this preference by inspecting the time signature?
Do I really need to edit the beam properties of 100s of notes?


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Note that while the new experimental-development-build-only facility for settings defaults may not be completely working yet, you can always set keyboard shortcuts for the start & middle beam commands, making it very easy to control the beaming on the fly as you enter your notes.

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