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Slurs do not work. It makes me extremely sad that they do not work because when I put the ballad for the marching show I am in into the program with the slurs, they didn't work. The ballad isn't pretty without the slurs. It agitates me.

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Better playback of slurs is one of the things I have heard is being worked on for version 3 but it is still early in development. I would like to see better playback of slurs as well.

Shoich and Raymond are non native speakers, so I think they confused ties and slurs and what you would like MuseScore to do. They both contribute a lot to the community.

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Fine !!! How do you guess I'm French !!!! Of course I know the difference between slurs ans ties, and , in the score of Poke Goober there is only slurs, and I think, he wants the play back of ties, on note with same pich. Cause my English, I'd rather put a link and a picture than explanation.

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Forgive me, I'm not trying to offend anyone. It seems from what he said, he is unhappy with the playback (or rather non playback) of slurs in his score. He didn't say it in the most common way you would expect so I feared there was misunderstand on your parts.

Raymond showed a picture how to insert a tie. Also, there is no improvement in playback of slurs up to version 2.1 so upgrading from 2.0.3 would not make it play back any better or make the OP less agitated. If anything, the popping sounds that happen at times in 2.1 might actually agitate him even more.

I have learned much from both of your posts over the years and look forward to learning more from both of you. As I said initially, you are both valuable contributors to the forum.

I appreciate all if your comments and assistance. I do need help with both slurs and ties. The ties only apply to some of the longer notes, while the slurs are articulated and THAT is what agitated me. When a program attempts at play back a score and it articulates every single slurred and tied note, it ruins the entire score.

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As Raymond showed in his picture, ties and slurs are different items in MuseScore. Ties do play back correctly with few exceptions. One exception is that (de)crescendos do not work on a single note which includes tied notes. So you can't make a crescendo play by putting is on a 1/4 tied to an 1/8 rather than a dotted 1/4.

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