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• Sep 4, 2017 - 19:06

I have some scores, written long ago, and they are kind of a mess. Especially visible when opening up the source XML, but also visible because of (for some unknown reason) hard-coded lyrics text styles, font tags IN the staff property instrument names...


Is there a way to "reset", clean up, a score? To have Musescore (or a plugin?) throw away all customizations and weird stuff like these and reset the score back to how it would be if I just entered now, in the current version of Musescore, without doing any changes to any settings?

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This is a known issue (well, known to me at least) with 1.x scores in 2.x. Most texts you can fix by right-click, select all similar, and then in Inspector Reset text to style. Some though, like instruments and volta texts, need manual interventions, some, like Segno, and Coda, get better fixed by delete and re-enter.

If there is an automatic way, I'd be very interested in it too.

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