Can default be applied to accidental to continue to end of measure without displaying repeatedly

• Mar 10, 2014 - 13:53

When I apply an accidental to a note I would like it to continue to the end of the measure without the symbol displaying again. For example if I am writing a measure with A - Bb - C - Bb. I only want the b (flat) symbol to display the first time in the measure not both times as in attached example (the reader knows the second B is flat (Bb) by default).

How can I change option for accidental symbol to only display first time?.

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accidental repeated in same measure.jpg 18.27 KB


Sounds like you are using the palette at the top (by the notes) to add accidentals. You should be using the up/down arrows to adjust the pitch of notes instead. The ones from the palettes are more permanent.

Delete the two accidentals, select the first B and use down-arrow to change it to a flat. Select the fourth note and use down-arrow again to change that note. See how the second flat will disappear.

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