add additional jump function?

• Sep 6, 2017 - 15:36


the function "end" , and "home"/ "pos1" are one of the most often used keys. Especially combined with copy and paste.

My suggestion to improve it and avoid "ctrl + c" -> "end" -> endless backscrolling (if the starting point of the copied part isn´t in the anterior part of the score) is / are additional "jump" keys /shortcut for p.e. "jump back to the begin of the copied field" or "back to the last screen" ... (maybe shift/ctrl + home/end?)

(just a thought which came up right atm because of a pretty long score and annoying back scrolling.)


If you make note of the measures you are working in ctrl-f will let you search for maeasures. Not exactly what you want, but might help.

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the question resulted from the problem to navigate quick back and forth while copying and pasting ...

Normally I select one measure. Then I press "end" while selecting the whole instrument line with hold down shift key. Afterwards I scroll back to the position I selected the begining of the copied area which results in long "scrolling back sessions" ...

I know there´s an option "select each element in the whole line" but I use to do it the way I described it above.

Anyway, (even if I´m not jumping to the end to select everything from a particular startmeasure till the end (or near the end), I often need to select more than one screen width of measures. I´m balancing if the start of the field I selected is nearer at the very begining or at the end to start scrolling wether from "end" or "home" position ...

Am I so wrong acting like that?

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Boy did I blow my first response!

Depending on how many measure you are trying to copy, you can used ctrl-shift-arrow to move left and right an entire measure. If you are in the last measure of the page, the selection will expand to the next measure and will scroll to that page. This would help move a little faster. If there are several pages ctrl-shift-arrow to move to the next page, shift click the last measure, ctrl-shift-arrow to the next page and so forth will speed up moving around the score without scrolling.

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(I don´t understand the meaning of the first sentence)

Honestly this seems / sounds to be a bit "slow" to suffice my exorbitant workflow ;)
(Sometimes I just need to quickly copy things to double them in different voices and meanwhile I love those "end" and "home" keys, that if only a "last position before one of these keys" existed ... anyway, nevermind, just my imagination... thanks for your swift reply and advice)

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If you select the start measure, then shift click the last measure on the page to extend the selection, you can ctrl-shift-right arrow and the first measure of the next page will be added to the selection and the view will be on that measure.

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