Needed improvement for tuplet input

• Mar 13, 2014 - 15:47

According to what I gathered from 2.0, the tuplet input method is the same as in 1.3, namely for triplets in a crotchet, press 5 then ctrl+3, enter your three triplet notes, and repeat press 5 then ctrl+3.... Given the piece you're writing it can get a real unpleasant slog.
(I'm no developer and wasn't able to run 2.0 myself, but I gauged from the feedbacks that the method hasn't changed, so if I'm wrong, just tell me!)

The current way has a pedagogical advantage: in a complex situation, you just have to say “hold on, within a minim (press 6) I wanna have 7 notes (press ctrl+7)” and musescore fixes it all up. But in regular cases, where you most definitely know what you're banging on about and you perhaps wanna write a couple of systems filled with triplets, that's not the easy way.

So, my suggestion:
On the top panel, on the right of the rhythm panel: have an on/off button for tuplet mode, followed on its right by a combo box saying [you choose a number] "within" [and you choose global duration value here] We continue to change the rhythms within this tuplet in the current way with the buttons on its left or the numbers on the keyboard. This makes it very straightforward and clear.
So, if you're writing eighth notes and suddenly want to start writing triplets, just toggle on the tuplet mode, make sure the combo box says (for ex) 3 within a quarter note, and continue writing normally your triplet's eighth notes, in a triplet scheme as long as the button's on.
Of course, the current way (select 4ter note value, then ctrl+3) can be kept along for usage when triplet is exceptional, or to change the value of note afterwards.
What do you think of it?


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Yes why not, but it looks a little bit hacky to me, and it's not obvious to the user at first sight, on the contrary to the gui buttons in my solution... But if it's a complicated thing to implement in near future, using the R key is certainly a good compromise, I guess.

If you have a lot of consecutive tuplets to enter, the easiest way to do that is to enter one, leave note entry mode, select the tuplet, hit R as many times as you want, then change the pitches. Or just create the piece in 12/8 instead of 4/4 (or whatever).

But yeah, I too would love a sticky triplet mode some day, or something similar.

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