Barlines distorted

• Mar 14, 2014 - 18:57


I am new at MuseScore. I creatad a score yesterday, then tried to change the pickup measure - and ended up with all barlines shifted.

Not only that, but while it looks on the screen like it is only the position of the barlines that is wrong (but the right and left hands are in the right relationship to each other), it is actually more complicated: when played back, it plays right and left hands with some shift to each other.

Moreover: when I try to copy some measured and paste them to the new score, it paste haphazardly, changing durations, eliminating some notes, etc.

What can be done, short of rewriting the score completely?

File is attached.

Thanks in advance!

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FWIW, while unfortunately score corrupts are not as rare as we might like, I have *never* seen anything like this before, and I've used MuseScore a lot. So I doubt it will come up again - unless perhaps you manage to perform the exact same series of steps that created the problem. And if that happens, it will be very useful if you can post and tell us exactly what that was. Normally, shortening the actual duration of a measure to turn it into a pickup works just fine. So I don't know what was different about your case.

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