Crashed when I tried to write a pick-up measure. . .

• Mar 19, 2014 - 00:33

I tried to add a pick-up and the whole thing just shut down multiple times. The measure numbers are on top of the staves and don't start on one, and I cannot change the height of my 1st and 2nd ending bars. Why is this so hard to use?


If you tried to create a pickup the correct way (measure properties, set actual duration) and it crashes, then most likely you are on MacOS Mavericks and experiencing a known bug (probably a bug in Mavericks itself, or perhaps in the underlying Qt libraries used by MuseScore). Reverting to MuseScore 1.2 works around this.

As for measure numbers - on top of the staves is the standard place for them. If you would like them elsewhere, you can do that via your Style options. "General" style to set whether and how often they appear, the starting number, etc, "Text" style to set positioning. See Measure operations in the Handbook.

Endings can be moved by simply dragging them. Length of the "hooks" can be edited via the properties menu. See Volta in the Handbook.

Like any powerful software, it can take a while to learn. Do read the Handbook and/or watch the tutorial videos, which can answer a whole lot of basic questions. And then, when you still have questions, do check out the link posted above on how to write a good report.

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