Program cutting out computer sound when opened

• Sep 8, 2017 - 21:46

Lately my Musescore 2 has been very finicky when it came to system sound. Whenever I open the program, the sound on my computer will cut off with a strange popping sound (sounding if it was abrupt unplugged from a speaker). I tested to see if it were the whole computer as oppose to just the program by playing sounds from Spotify and YouTube, but the audio just completely cuts out. In fact, my volume adjustment menu where I can control which speaker such as my bluetooth headset or my stereo speakers shows a red 'x' icon when switch to the default setting. (When I have my bluetooth headset connected, the default speaker option doesn't how up) Before now, it would still do this, and I'd have to try to boot the program up multiple times until it didn't ax my sound, but now it just isn't. I have tried restarting my laptop multiple times, I have reset my application to factory settings. Troubleshooting on my computer brings up nothing. Someone please help if you can, this is getting increasingly obnoxious and worrying.


Which OS? Two suggestions: Check the adjustments in the control panel of your audio manager or if this doesn't help reinstall your audio driver.

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