MIDI input doesn't work on the Mac?

• Aug 23, 2009 - 16:55


I was excited to try the new build of MuseScore for the Mac, but it seems that it is incapable of accepting MIDI input from my Yamaha keyboard (a P-250). It wasn't clear from the release notes that the Mac build even has MIDI-in code, but it's in the preferences menu (however, there are no options to configure it other than turning MIDI input on or off).

Would very much appreciate any information on this feature.


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Hi David,

Yeah, MIDI input seems to work well in a MIDI monitor program, and I'm able to record MIDI with the mmj Java library as input to the MidiSwing program. I'm on an Intel Macbook on OS X 10.5.8, using Yamaha's USB MIDI driver for my P-250 keyboard. Is there any kind of debug menu that allows more detailed selection of MIDI input (maybe it's listening on the wrong channel/device/etc)?

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Actually, it might be of note that in the other MIDI app that works for me (mostly...), the default input is "IAC Driver - Bus 1 (Apple Computer, Inc.) 1.0". When I want to record input from my keyboard after it's plugged in, another entry appears in the list of available inputs (something like "Yamaha P-250, channel 1"; it's not connected ATM).

So after I connect the keyboard, I have to select the device for input. Perhaps this is why MuseScore is failing; it doesn't offer any list of inputs to select from, and presumably picks the 'default' device which is not the keyboard.

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