'About' box way too wide when using an outdated translation

• Mar 27, 2014 - 12:52
S4 - Minor

cd5c7d9, set to system language (German in my case), not yet loaded the latest translation and the about box is way too wide, about 50% wider than the screen.

Loading the latest translation and restarting and the about box looks fine again.

I reported that issue first in http://musescore.org/en/node/25006, but back than thought it to be a one shot problem, but now I've seen it again twice.


Suspicion is that when the translations loaded via the resource manager become outdated, that MuseScore takes the one from GitHub (either as part of a nighly build or from the self build stuff), and that is the screwed up one.
Might be the time to update the repository?

Issue is not with all languages, it is not with e.g. en_US, es, fr, gl, it (which probably haven't got the "About" box translated at all) but is with cs, de, en_GB, pl, basically those languages which are more or less complete on Transifex (exceptions being es and gl)

So how do we fix this??

Is it just a question of hacking the .ts file?

Or is the .qm file relevant to this?

If it's just the .ts file, I will handle the fix for en_gb which has been annoying me for months!

Doesn't an updated translation fix it for you? If so, the problem should be fixed permantly as soon as the updated translation make it into a commit, which should happen for the beta.
I believe it get triggered by something bogus in the ts file, which causes some junk in the resulting qm file.

BTW. The en_GB translation could do with some proof reading, I did it without being a native speaker...

Note, that you have to delete the qm file and load afresh with every new nightly or self built...
And the default workspace needs to get deleted after that, to pick up the translations.
This annoyed me a great deal

I didn't know you could update the translation - assumed it was done automatically through Git.

Where do you get these updated translations from?

Anyway I think I have found the problem in the GitHub .ts file.

You get it via the resource manager dialog
And in case you plan a PR with a fixed ts file, take the one from Transifex
Or wait for the beta :-)

Resource manager???????

What and where is that?

No worries I've found it.

The help menu does not seem to be the right place for it.

It would make more sense for it to be part of the preferences dialogue.