Can't Add A Tie

• Apr 3, 2014 - 13:20

I have started working on the attached score, and every time I try to add a tie, MuseScore crashes. I get to the three beat D in the flute part, and I want to tie it over to a half note D in the next measure. I've tried hitting the "+" key on my keypad, the "+" key on the regular keyboard, and I've tried hitting the tie button on the button bar, and all three cause a crash. I also tried adding the half note, then going back and trying to add just the tie with the same result.

Any idea why something so simple would crash the program? (I am using the latest nightly - R.4fc4667 - on Windows XP.)

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Looks like maybe you stepped in the middle of one last (?) fairly significant change that will probably affect you based on that sample score - Werner is fixing issues with transposition and linked parts. So I wouldn't be surprised to see some instability in that area specifically over the coming days. And I'm not sure if the recent text changes are really settled or not. Not sure what the issue with that tie was; ties in general have been working fine. I've been messing with the appearance of them, but not the creation.

But overall, recent builds have been pretty fun to use!

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Yes, I'm really impressed with how far the nightlies have come and the significant improvements since the last time I looked at one. One thing that always bugged me that seems to finally be fixed is the placement of articulations when you have two voices. That has bugged me for so long and it's a "hallelujah!" to see it correct!

Unfortunately the tie problem doesn't seem to be solved. I started adding the bass clarinet part, and I got crashes every way I tried to tie those first two dotted half notes.

And yes, linked parts doesn't seem to be working correctly. Looking at the bass clarinet part shows only one note when the score clearly has more.

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Actully, I'm guessing this might be a side effect of the transposition changes checked in earlier today. Playing around with the latest changes, I see all sorts of interesting artifacts that comes from changing between concert pitch on and off.

As they say, if you want to make an omelette, you've got to break some eggs. I think we're in a broken-egg stage right now :-)

Yes, something is horribly, hideously wrong with the playback. I put in an introduction, but it's not playing back what is there. All the transposed instruments are playing back the incorrect notes.

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I can only assume the tie issue was related, but the playback is *definitely* a result of this most recent change. These transposition changes are clearly still a work in progress. No idea how long it might be before it is all straightened out, but as I said, I'm personally optimistic that this might be the last major upheaval. At least, I don't know of any other outstanding bugs that strike me as being likely to require such fundamental changes in order to fix that they break other things so thoroughly too. Of course, one can never be sure.

Meanwhile, I that if you use a build from before this change, things are actually quite good. The original bug in transposition that Werner is in the process of fixing is there, but it is possible to avoid it if you are careful to switch concert pitch off *before* generating parts, and then never switch it back on again. I just did a three-horn + rhythm section arrangement a couple of days ago and it worked really well for me. A couple of other issues with linked parts where a change to the score didn't reflect in parts or vice versa, but those are easily worked around, and these will hopefully be addressed once this more fundamental transposition change is completed.

Still, I am fully aware that as a result of this current round of changes, it's very likely the arrangement I just did with a build from Tuesday won't load correctly in today's or future builds. I am only using developments builds for projects where I can live with this.

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