Problem with 8vb

• Sep 16, 2017 - 23:23

Entered 8vb line under several notes in measure for piano. In edit mode, I can move from note to note with the arrows and the corrected note is sounded an octave lower. In playback mode, when listening to the entire score it sounds like the notes are being played in the octave notated not lowered by the 8vb. Is this a known problem?


No. Sounds like you may have somehow entered the line incorrectly, or perhaps some unique aspect of your score is trigger a bug. In order to say for sure, we would need you to attach your score and tell us how to reproduce the problem you are seeing (hearing).

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The line for the 8vb was added by selecting the first note in the base clef stave in the 11th measure and double clicking on the icon in the pallet. It displayed, I believe for the entire measure. It was then extended to the right to extend to the next measure using Shift + Right arrow. The score is attached. I do not hear the difference during normal playback, but when in edit mode, as I go from note to note the note sound is correct. I can play back only the piano silencing the vocals using the mixer but can not figure out how to play only the base clef stave. While it may be that the sound is being masked I can not hear the lower octave. What I may do is create a temporary edit that eliminates all Treble Clef Stave notes so the piano is only left hand and then there should be no masking sounds.

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Opening that file in MS2.1 (Win7) plays back as it should; I think your ears might be playing tricks on you.

In order to verify, here's what I did in the attached file:
1. Open up mixer and turn on Solo on the Piano
2. Select treble staff of the piano in m11 & 12
3. Use the inspector to mark the selection as Notes only
4. Then uncheck 'play' in the inspector
5. play back from the start of m11

The 8vb is honered as it should.

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I followed your directions and agree. I also deleted the notes in the Treble staff and the playback was correct. Yet the volume is such that when both staves are played together it is almost impossible to hear the distinct half notes in the bass. I would have expected to hear the lower note as it almost rumbles when played by itself. So although it is not an error, at least when I listen to it on Windows 10 O/S, it is extremely difficult to pickup. Thanks for your help.

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