whoops, with linked parts

• Apr 5, 2014 - 14:57

Hi guys, I recently had a huge whoopla when I removed the last 4 bars of a part and, after saving, realized that the last 4 bars of each and every other part were deleted as well. I should have known that! However, maybe for destructive things like this there should be a warning. Also, is it planned to 'unlink' certain attributes, like number of bars in this case?
It would further ease the creation of parts because one could simplify them with repeats. This is very very common in bigband sheet music.


The ability to break links for particular elements is something I have requested - just created an issue for it yesterday, in fact. See #25248: Add ability to explicitly break links between linked staves/parts. But I don't know that it would be technically feasible to allow parts to differ as significantly as you seem to be suggesting -different number of measures, different repeat structure - and still have the linking work at all. There are probably assumptions that would break throughout the code.

At once time, I suggested we actually disable deleting measures while viewing a part, for exactly the reason that you just ran into - it's too easy to forget changes affect everyone else too. Measure creation might similarly be disabled. See http://musescore.org/en/node/23985#comment-92785

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Unlinking individual elements would actually be pretty simple for some (most?) element types. There are certainly enough bugs in the tracker right now where this happens already when it shouldn't. But I suspect that allowing the break for any element type that can have an effect on other elements - eg, notes and rests, where changing duration affects other notes and rests - would wreak havor. I could live with that. Note a lot of things are *already* unlinked - or more accurately, the links are there but not used for certain operations. For instance, manual positioning an element in a score doesn't affect the part or vice versa - again, just as one would normally hope.

When I think about the implementation, there's actually nothing that would prevent an easy "unlink entire part" option. You'd keep the convenience of the part opening along with the score, but would have ability to do anything you wanted. I think I'll add this to my feature request :-)

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