MuseScore Hogs Audio

• Sep 17, 2017 - 20:33

I have MuseScore (UWP/"app" version) on Windows 10, and MuseScore just hogs my computer's audio--by this I mean that if any other application such as my OS or perhaps Steam tries to notify me of something by producing a sound, the sound is inaudible. Only the music in MuseScore is audible; and this still applies even if I'm not playing any playback--so even if MuseScore is completely silent, no sounds will come from my computer. The only fix I've got so far is closing MuseScore, and that's rather inconvenient, especially so if I'm multi-tasking. (This also applies if I'm on MuseScore and YouTube at the same time; sometimes, I even have to refresh the page after having closed MuseScore--and sometimes, I even have to restart my web browser!)

This problem is so extended that even my graphic equalizer has no effect on the audio playback from MuseScore, so I can't boost mids etc.!

Please help; thanks!


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