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• Apr 10, 2014 - 11:05

Hello there,

I've searched the forum before posting this, but I couldn't find anything about the issue...

I'd like to reduce the amount of space taken by rests inside a bar, but I seem not to find any way to do it, aside from manually adjusting every single note/rest. I think Musescore gives too much space to rests, and sometimes the remaining notes inside the bar are too close.

I attach an image in which I explain what I'd like to accomplish. The first bar (up) shows the natural Musescore spacing, and in the second I adjusted it to fit my needs.

Is it possible to have Musescore to automatically space notes and rests like this?


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FWIW, what's going on in the first bar isn't that the *rest* is being given extra space. it's the *quarter note* that gets extra space. This is normal and correct and you really don't want to override it unless you want to impair the sight-readability of your music. Sight-reading goes best when your music looks the way other printed music music looks, and MuseScore follows fairly standard typesetting guidelines for this kind of stuff. I'm not saying it nails everything 100% right every time, but unless you are an expert music engraving yourself, I wouldn't second guess these sorts of decisions on a whim. If you really are sure that either MuseScore is doing it wrong, or that you want to go against the norm and deliberately produce non-standard results yourself (and risk making it harder to read as a reuslt), then manual adjustment is the way to go in general. But I would note that there are some settings in Style / Edit General Style, especially on the Measure tab, that you can play with that might give results more to your liking.

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