Note sounds continuing after being clicked

• Apr 13, 2014 - 23:56

When I click notes that I've already entered, usually it would just play the note for a second or shorter, but now when I click them it continues playing the note indefinitely and I have to fiddle with it to make it stop. This is pretty irritating but I'm not quite sure how I've done this, how do I revert it back to 'duration of mouse click' or whatever? Thanks!


What version of MuseScore?
What operating system?
Does the demo score exhibit the same behavior?

Now, I'm just guessing here, but have a look under menu item: Edit / Preferences - then on the 'Note Entry' tab un-check 'Play notes when editing' to see if the notes stop playing. Also, the default duration on my MuseScore version 1.3 is set to 300ms. Maybe you have to 'Reset to Default' (on bottom left).

Also, there is always the factory reset:


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