Doesn't work on Linux!

• Apr 18, 2014 - 06:23

When I open musescore, the sound on my computer stops working. I can no longer use any sound from any program. When I close musescore everything works again. What's wrong?

Btw I'm using Ubuntu 14.04. I didn't have this problem in 12.04.


First Ubuntu 14.04 is not Linux, and as you said it was working on 12.04 so your title is completely wrong and will mislead most of the readers.
Second, it seems it's a problem with the packaging on Ubuntu 14.04 and not with MuseScore, since as you said, it was working on 12.04. So it would be better to report the problem to Ubuntu people.
The package page is here and there is a link at the right to post a bug or ask a question on Launchpad.

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I think he meant, just because something doesn't work on Ubuntu doesn't mean it doesn't work on all Linux. In other words, Ubuntu isn't all there is to Linux. In any event, it *does* work on most Linux; just not, apparently, your particular installation of Ubuntu 14.04. Others have reported that it does work for them. The point being, the title of the thread is a bit extreme given that the problem is only *some* people's systems running *one* particular version of *one* particular distro.

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Did you try to change the settings in the I/O tab? Be careful though and write down the settings it has now so you can revert. You might manage to get sound that way.
If you mess up the settings, go back to default by opening a terminal and typing "musescore -F" without quotes to reset to factory settings or go to settings -> reset to default.

I'm having the same issue with Ubuntu 14.04LTS.

When I start Musescore, the sound will not play. It also kills the sound to every other application on my computer. After starting Musescore, I don't even get a notification pop when I adjust the volume.

I've also noticed that the blue line that tracks the location in the score does not move when I press the play button.

This is how i fixed it. Edit tab then go to I/O tab than to the Portaudio portion of I/o.
have api set to pulseaudio and set device to pulse. That seemed to solve my problem atleast for now until a fix is found.

Strange, but it worked for me too. Here's my stats.
>sudo apt-get install gawk

SYMPTOM: No MuseScore sound, Amarok, Exaile, multimedia buttons and all system sounds work fine.

*nix: Kubuntu 14.04 LTS
pulse: 1.4.0
alsa: 1.0.25
mscore: 1.3

I just installed MuseScore 1.3 on Ubuntu 14.04. I had the same problem with no sound in MuseScore, and that there was no sound from any other apps while MuseScore was running.

Here is how I fixed it:
Under Portaudio, set API to ALSA, Device to "sysdefault". Press "Apply" button. Restart MuseScore.

i'm not using the most recent ubuntu model, but when I open ubuntu with Musescore 2.0.3 it makes this horrible screeching noise. It works for a short time and never works again.

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